Zlaty Bazant Releases New Wheat Beer

Golden Pheasant Wheat BeerWheat beer fans in Slovakia can now buy local. Zlaty Bazant, Slovakia’s most popular beer, has released its first wheat beer called Zlaty Bazant Wheat. It’s made with 50% wheat malt, 45% barley malt, and a hint of caramel malt. Like most wheat beers, it’s top fermented and unfiltered. Percentage wise, it’s a little on the low side at 4% ABV. Grab a 500 ml bottle or find one of the 200 or so bars that serves it on tap. Let’s hope this step outside of the pilsener world is just one of many.

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The Commercials of Zlaty Bazant

In Slovakia, Zlatý Bažant is known for its television commercials. They are funny, sometimes overtly sexual, and often make you want to drink down some beer. Although, most things make me want to drink down a nice, cold, frothy brew. Enjoy one as you watch this collection of Zlaty Bazant commercials.

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Zlatý Bažant

Brewery: Pivovar Hurbanovo

bottle of zlaty bazant 12% beerAlso known as its English translation, “Golden Pheasant” this beer is Slovakia’s most popular beer. It’s the most exported Slovak beer and can be found in such countries as the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldavia, and Kazakhstan. Over a million hectolitres are sold all over the world per year.  In 2006, its 12% version was awarded the best beer in its category by the Slovak Union of Beer and Malt Producers.


Zlatý Bažant 10% Lager

Type: European pale lager
ABV: 4.3%

A soft aroma of hops and malt is followed up by an intense bitterness.  The lower alcohol percentage makes it more refreshing than its 12% brother.



Zlatý Bažant 12%

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 5%

With subtle hops and a moderate bitterness, Golden Pheasant’s 12% beer is the brands finest achievement and is the most widely available Slovak beer in the world.



Zlatý Bažant 10% Tmavy

Type: Tmavy
ABV: 3.8%

Golden Pheasant’s dark beer is recognized by its sweet-ish caramel flavor and moderate bitterness. It is quite popular to cut it with a Zlaty Bazant’s 10% lager.



Zlaty Bazant Wheat

Type: Wheat
ABV: 4%

Slovakia’s first (mass produced) wheat beer. Made with 50% wheat malt, 45% barley malt, and a hint of caramel malt. Like most wheat beers, it’s top fermented and unfiltered.


I can’t find any reviews for this beer. Let me know how it is in the comments if you’ve tried it.

Zlaty Bazant Radlers

The brand also produces a lemon and a grapefruit radler.  With only 2% alcohol, they are very light but refreshing and are produced with only natural ingredients.


Festival Beers

Zlaty Bazant also produces a number of seasonal beers available only during certain times of the year.  They include:

  • Zlaty Bazant Wheat Beer
  • Zlaty Bazant Porter
  • Zlaty Bazant Bock
  • Zlaty Bazant Dark Ale Yeast

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Brewery Hurbanovo

Hurbanovo Brewery Slovakia

Novozámocká 2, 947 12 Hurbanovo
map it
Tel: +421 35-765 42 61
Fax: +421 35-765 41 36


Founded in 1967, Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant) Brewery was built in Hurbanovo. The location was carefully chosen because of it’s warm climate (the warmest in Slovakia) and its altitude (about 115 metres about sea level). These conditions made it ideal for growing hops. Furthermore, the water in the heineken and zlaty bazant glassesarea is plentiful and of excellent quality. Production began in 1969 and it didn’t take long for the brewery to build a market. Having the newest brewing technology and high quality ingredients, allowed the brewery to penetrate the global market. In 1971 they became the first beer company in Eastern Europe to package their beer in cans. This transformation required a lot of work and ultimately resulted in the decision to become a joint stock company. In 1995, the company merged with Heineken. This helped them expand further internationally and allowed them to update their malting house. Other Slovak brewers were purchased by Heineken and their productions was moved to the brewery in Hurbanovo. Today Hurbanovo has one of the largest malting operations in Europe with much of it being exported across the world.


Brand Licensing

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