Topvar’s Most Beautiful Competition

2012 Topvar Barmaid BeautyEvery year Topvar holds a competition to name the most beautiful waitress or bartender. They are currently voting on it. Have your say by going to the Topvar site and selecting your favourite. The winner gets to be featured in Topvar ads and, of course, wins a bunch of beer. Furthermore, the bar of the winning girl wins €2000 worth of marketing, including advice from some wiz marketing team. Additionally, 12 girls will be chosen to be featured in Topvar’s 2014 calendar. Winners will be announced on August 2nd. Remember, your vote is your voice. Make your dick voice heard.

NOTE: The link will probably redirect to their age confirmation page. Put in your date of birth and press the “pokravocat” button. Then click “Aktualne Akcie” to be taken to the current events page. On the left side of the page, click “sutaz o najkrajsiu barmanku” for the competition, then “hlasovanie fotogaleria” to see the photos of the girls. Click the photo to see it full-sized or click “Hlasovat” to vote for the girl.

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Brewery: Pivovar Šariš

Topvar bottle of beerTopvar has been making beer for 47 years. Their beers are known for their pleasant bitterness which can be credited to the fact that they triple-hop them. They’re owned by SABmiller and their motto roughly translates to “giving people the soul of beer”.  They are the first Slovakian brewery to receive a certificate of quality from Lloyd’s of London.


Topvar 12% Premium

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 5%

Bitter, malty and full, Topvar’s 12% Lager is a beer-drinker’s beer. They stick to their original recipe and always use the freshest ingredients.



Topvar 10% Light

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.1%

A light beer with the bitterness of a regular beer.



Topvar 11% Tmavy

Type: Tmavy
ABV: 4.1%

Dark beers aren’t that popular in Slovakia but it’s not because they don’t have any good options.  Sweet with a caramel base, Topvar Dark will satisfy you as it satisfies judges, winning 10 gold medals in Slovak beer competitions.


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Šariš Brewery

Pivovarská 9
082 21 Veľký Šariš
map it
Tel: 051 – 7772111
Fax: 051 – 7772110 or
Topvar website (Slovak only)
Saris Website (Slovak only)

Saris brewery


forklift carries a pallet of saris brewery beersIn 1964, the Šariš brewery was built and it quickly became the largest brewery and the largest exporter of beer in Slovakia.  As business boomed, Saris expanded.  They started producing and selling soft drinks and even had their own race car.

By 1983, they were producing one million hectoliters of beer per year.  They continued to be Slovakia’s largest brewery, which drew attention from SABMiller (the brewing company behind MGD, Pilsner Urquell, Fosters, and many other successful brews).

In 1997 SABMiller purchased the company.  Ten years later they were merged with Topvar, another successful Slovak brewery.  They continue producing the beers that made them so popular, using the same recipes.


Brand Licensing

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