The Strength (not alcohol) of Beer Explained

Steiger beer labelIn most countries, the strength of a beer refers the percentage of alcohol by volume or ABV. In Slovakia, and other parts of central Europe, the beer’s strength is thought to be the amount of fermentable material used to make the beer. If you look at a bottle of beer in Slovakia you’ll often see a large number with a percent sign after it (usually between 10 and 12%). Many of the beers even incorporate the number in their names (Steiger 10% Classic, Topvar 12% Premium).  This often leads to people thinking that the beers are 12% alcohol but in reality they are probably 3-5% ABV.  The number simply means that 12% of the ingredients’ density is made up of fermentable materials.


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Beer Spa: A Unique Exbeerience

If you love beer – really love it – you’ll love this. Beer Spa BBB Prešpork (26 Zámocká St, Bratislava) have setup a “beer spa” where they fill tubs with beer and let you sit and soak in them while you drink as much beer as you want from a tap that’s right next to you. They claim that soaking in beer is good for your skin, joints, and muscles and that it will reduce cellulite. I can’t vouch for this, but nonetheless it’d make for a fun afternoon. If you have a stag party planned in Bratislava, this might be a good way to relax after/before a heavy night of drinking.
A couple of ladies soaking at the Beer Spa BBB Prešpork

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