Kaltenecker: The Future of Beer in Slovakia

Kaltenecker Brewery LogoLocated in the small city of Rožňava in the southwest part of Slovakia, Kaltenecker Brewery has made a name for itself despite its modest location. It’s done this the best way a brewery can — through the taste of its beer. Ratebeer.com, currently the largest beer rating website, tells the story: The top three rated Slovak beers are made by Kaltenecker. Six out of the top ten are Keltenecker beers. At the very top of the list is their imperial stout, Kaltenecker Archa a beer that they no longer make. It’s also important to point out that Kaltenecker’s beers receive a high number of votes. They aren’t at the top of the list because only a few people have tried them and given them rave reviews. In fact, considering a lot of the brewery’s beers are only made for a limited time, and only available in a limited number of places, they are getting serious attention from the beer-lover’s community. Producing about 1.5 million litres of beer a year, Kaltenecker Brewery is only a few 100 thousand litres away from stepping out of the “microbrewery” category. Of course, this doesn’t really mean anything when considering the taste of their brew, but as the brewery expands, the joy it brings spreads further. I, for one, want to jump on a plane back to Slovakia to see what I’m missing.

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