Radlers on the Rise

smadny mnich lemon radlerAmerican beverage research specialists, Canadean have written a report about Slovakia’s beer market. The 94 page article analyzes the country’s brands, brewers, packaging, distribution, pricing, and more. It found that the popularity of the lower alcohol beer mixes, such as lemon radlers, are rising. The report attributes this to a change in the Slovak lifestyle. Large corporate businesses establishing themselves in the country has left the Slovak’s busier than ever. This new hectic lifestyle calls for convenience, and produces a more money-conscious worker. Because lower alcohol beers are cheaper and don’t inebriate one as much, they are becoming a popular beverage option. It also reports that women and young people are the main drinkers of this new beer blend. Young people, because they like to try new things. Women, because traditional beer isn’t to their taste.

To read the full report you can go here and pay over $6000 for it… Or you can hug and kiss some poisonous snakes… Or even worse, you can drink a fruit infused beer. Bleh!

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