The Commercials of Zlaty Bazant

In Slovakia, Zlatý Bažant is known for its television commercials. They are funny, sometimes overtly sexual, and often make you want to drink down some beer. Although, most things make me want to drink down a nice, cold, frothy brew. Enjoy one as you watch this collection of Zlaty Bazant commercials.

That is Slovak

I love this commercial. It pokes fun at other European nations by comparing them to to Slovakia.


World Class Slovak Beer

A smart spot that uses the idea that Slovakia imports many things, but not its beer. The subtitles come fast so be ready.


Sexy Girl Wants a Beer

The Slovaks know that sex sells (just look at one of their popsicle ads). This spot isn’t in English but you’ll figure it out. Check out the product shot at the 0:25 mark — you couldn’t get away with that in North America.


Non-alcoholic Beers on the Job

This makes me chuckle to myself. I love the strategy of selling this non-alcoholic beer — show people drinking it that would normally be drinking a regular beer but can’t in their current situation.


Waiters Running

A waiter race goes awry.


First Beer in Space

This commercial was created to celebrate the fact that Zlaty Bazant was the first beer in space.  A can was brought by Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Aleksandr Ivanchenkov back in 1978.


The People of Slovakia

A spoof on old-timey public service announcements.


Attack Dog

This dude can’t wait for the bartender. Features a cover of the The Skyliners – “Since I Don’t Have You”.

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