BREWERY: Pivovar Hurbanovo

Corgon LogoThe Nitra Brewery started producing beer in 1896. It was eventually made into a public company and the name was changed to Karšay Brewery. In 1992 they created the Corgon brand. Five years later, the company was bought by Heneiken which helped it modernize and expand. In 2007, the beer moved its production to Brewery Hurbanovo.
In English Corgoň means “champion”. This made it a natural sponsor for many sporting events including Slovakia’s national football/soccer league and basketball league.


Corgon 12% Lager

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.8%

Made from a special, high-quality hops, Corgon’s 12% is a beer for beer-lovers.  It has a higher level of bitterness that is perfectly balanced.



Corgon 10% Light

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4%

A golden ale that’s just as delicious as it is refreshing. Hence, it’s one of the best-selling beers in Slovakia.



Corgon 11% Dark

Type: Tmavy
ABV: 4%

This beer is now only available on tap.  It’s a fantastic combination of pilsner, Munich malt, and caramel.


  • Rate Beer (note: these ratings are for the bottled version that they no longer make)


Corgon 4sladový

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.6%

Another Corgon beer exclusively available on tap.  Sladový means malt and, you’ve guessed it, this beer is made from 4 different types of malt.  It has a unique, full taste with a slight sweetness and a pleasant bitterness.


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