Brewery: Pivovar Steiger

The only beer under this brand is:

Sitňan 12% Classic

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 5%

Popular with the brewery locals.  This is a high quality, traditionally brewed beer with full flavours and an intense bitterness.


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  • Frank Stachina says:

    As a descendent (my grandfather came to the Pennsylvania in 1914 ) of the Bratislava region , a collecter of beer caps and coasters , I am thrilled to find so much info on beer. I also home brew and would love to find slovak ingredients ( grain , yeast hops )
    Any help with my passions is greatly appreciated

    Thanks FRANK

    • Hi Frank. I don’t know where to buy Slovak beer ingredients, but I can tell you that Styrian Golding hops (which apparently are very similar to Fuggle hops) are often grown in Slovakia. You can probably buy them online, but they might not be from Slovakia. For malt, the Slovaks actually produce a lot of it for many different countries. You can try contacting these places but they probably won’t ship small quantities. I have no idea about the yeast. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to duplicate a Slovak-style brew, you need Slovak water. It’s considered some of the best water in the world. I do a bit of home brewing myself. For Slovak beer recipes, try searching on this site: Good luck!

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