Smädný Mních

Brewery: Pivovar Šariš

Thirsty Monk beer coasterSmadny Mnich, or Thirsty Monk came on the market in 1993. It quickly became popular — partially because of the marketing, but also because of its light, refreshing taste. It’s slogan translates out to “A beer for anyone who’s thirsty” and its logo features a happy monk with a beer.


Smädný Mních 10%

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.3%

Produced from a special pale malt, Thirsty Monk 10% has a rich, dense and durable foam with a refreshing taste.



Smädný Mních Radler

Type: radler
ABV: 2%

With only 2% alcohol, I hardly consider this a beer, but I decided to include it anyways. Radlers (basically a shandy) are becoming more popular in Slovakia. If you are looking for a refreshing summer drink, this is it. It’s made with natural lemon juice.


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