Bratislava’s Microbreweries and Brewpubs

glasses of beerBratislava is slowly becoming one of the best European beer cities.  The Stein Brewery moved from the city in 2007, but since then more and more microbreweries and brewpubs have been popping up in Slovakia’s capital.  Here’s a nice little beer crawl that I put together so you can enjoy the locally brewed beers of Bratislava.


Patronsky Pivovar

Patronsky Pivovar interiorThis place comes highly recommended.  Their beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and free of chemicals.  Most importantly, it’s fresh and delicious.

Address: 57 Brnianska Street

Directions: From Hodžovo námestie you can take the #83 bus to Dubová (about 20 minutes, cost: 0.70€).  When you get off the bus, walk the direction that the bus is going to 57 Brnianska Street.  To get back, just take the same #83 bus but on the opposite side of the street.

Meštiansky Pivovar

Mestiansky Brewery interiorIgnoring the fact that one of this establishment’s two locations used to be a Pizza Hut, this place is classy.  The name means Burgess Brewery.  If you are looking for a high-end meal with a superb beer, this is the place.

Address: 8 Drevená and 21 Dunajská

Pivovar na Drevennej ulici (Brewery on Wooden St) – Located on Drevená street which runs north off of Obchadna (Bratislava’s pedestrian shopping street).  You can walk here from pretty much anywhere downtown.

Pivovar Záhrada na Dunajskej ulici (Brewery Garden and Courtyard) – Head east on the street that runs behind the Tesco.  It’s on the left hand side by the hospital — 21 Dunajská.

Zámocký pivovar

Zámocký pivovar interiorTheir motto: “Our customer is our friend, but let us feel like the Lord”.  That’s a pretty rough translation but it makes me smile.  Zámocký pivovar or Castle Brewery is a traditional brewpub that produces five types of beer.  They have a restaurant that offers fresh gourmet meals and an upstairs bar that shows live sports and holds rock concerts.

Address: 13 Zámocká St

Directions:  From Obchadna, just follow the tram tracks west across the overpass to the hill where the Hotel Ibis is.  Then head up the hill for a short distance. It’s on the right hand side.

Pivovarský Hostinec Richtár Jakub

Pivovarský Hostinec Richtár JakubI would not hesitate to elect Richtar Jakub (Mayor Jakub) if he were running for office in my town.  This microbrewery offers a great selection of freshly-made beers.  How fresh are they?  They don’t even bother to put the beer into kegs — it’s pumped straight from the vats.  Their main beers are the Catherine, the Anna, and the Jakub but they brew new beers daily and they’ll certainly have something else delicious on offer.  Last year 14 of their beers won awards.

Address: 16 Moskovská

Directions: You can easily walk to this pub in about 10 minutes.  Just walk north east on the road that the Tesco is on (Spitalska).  You’ll pass the entrance to a park — keep going.  The road splits off at a small square — stay right.  Turn right on the street that runs into the small square.  The pub is about a block away on the right.

If you don’t feel like walking, take the #1, #4, #9, or #14 tram (heading north east) from in front of the Tesco for three stops.  This will drop you off at the small square mentioned above.

Starosloviensky Pivovar

Starosloviensky Pivovar interiorFounded in April of 2012, “Slavonic Brewery” is one of Bratislava’s newest microbreweries.  It’s not as fancy as the others, but their Pressburg (Bratislava’s original name) beer and their homemade sheep’s cheese couldn’t be more Slovak.  They have a small patio and the interior is decked out in wood.

Address: 15 Vysoká

Directions: Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from everything.  Go to the north-east end of Obchadna and take a left where the Chinese restaurant is.  The bar is about a two minute walk from there.

Map of Locations

View Slovak Beer Tour in a larger map

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