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Vyhne č.24,966 02 Vyhne.
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Tel: 045 – 6772116
Fax: 045 – 6772234

Aerial shot of Steiger Brewery.


Slovakia’s oldest brewery was built in 1473 by the Knights Templar in the Banska Bystrica region.  This turned out to be a good choice of location, as over the years the brewery would find success selling to the miners that dominated the work force of the area.  Miners in the area often refer to beer as liquid bread and they often drank it while they worked.

Since 1473, the brewery has undergone many rebuilds and changed owners several times.  Production went up and down, depending on the times.  During times of war, sales would increase, however, during the German occupation in World War II Jaroslav Raiman, the director of operations was killed and many of the workers were arrested.  This put a halt on production until December of 1944 when the brewery slowly started making beer again.    During the communist era, more people drank beer and business peaked.  In 1958 they sold 280-300 thousand hectoliters.  It wasn’t until 2004 that the brewery became what it is today.  The name Steiger Pivovar was adopted in April of 2006 and it became the companies main brand of beer.  In 2007, Stein brewery moved their production from Bratislava, the countries capital, to the Steiger brewery.  Steiger Brewery currently represent only 6-10% of the beer sales in Slovakia.


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