Šariš Brewery

Pivovarská 9
082 21 Veľký Šariš
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Tel: 051 – 7772111
Fax: 051 – 7772110
topvar@topvar.sabmiller.com or office@saris.sk
Topvar website (Slovak only)
Saris Website (Slovak only)

Saris brewery


forklift carries a pallet of saris brewery beersIn 1964, the Šariš brewery was built and it quickly became the largest brewery and the largest exporter of beer in Slovakia.  As business boomed, Saris expanded.  They started producing and selling soft drinks and even had their own race car.

By 1983, they were producing one million hectoliters of beer per year.  They continued to be Slovakia’s largest brewery, which drew attention from SABMiller (the brewing company behind MGD, Pilsner Urquell, Fosters, and many other successful brews).

In 1997 SABMiller purchased the company.  Ten years later they were merged with Topvar, another successful Slovak brewery.  They continue producing the beers that made them so popular, using the same recipes.


Brand Licensing

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