Brewery: Pivovar Steiger

A bottle of Stein 10% beerStein brewery was founded in 1873.  It immediately began winning medals for its quality product.  In 1995 the company went public and in 2007 the production was moved from Bratislava to the Steiger Brewery in Vyhne.  Stein’s logo shows Bratislava’s coat of arms, which is not an image of Bratislava Castle but a general depiction of a medieval town.  Stein just celebrated 140 years of making beer.


Stein 8% Light Drinking Beer

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 3.0%

Highly fermented and produced with high quality water, hops, and pilsner malt.  A very light but easy-to-drink beer.



Stein 10% Draught

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.1%

A fine, bitter hop flavoured beer that tastes like a draft beer even out of a can.  Of course, it’s best served from a tap on a hot day.



Stein 12%

Type: pilsner lager
ABV: 5%

A long fermentation process at a low temperature, gives this beer its full flavour and intense bitterness.



Grošák Horden

Type: Pale European lager
ABV: 3%

Cooked in open vats and fermented in traditional lager tanks, Grosak Horden is a light flavorful beer.  Grosak translates to “roan” which is a term used to describe a horse that has a mixture of colored and white hairs.  The beer’s logo is also a horse, but I don’t see the connection between the color and the beer (ie. don’t worry, you won’t find horse hair in your drink).



Starosladnicke 11%

Type: Bohemian pilsner
ABV: 4.5%

Bratislava’s historic 11% lager’s name translates to “old malt”.  It is a completely traditional beer that is only available in kegs.


There are currently no reviews for this beer.  If you’ve tried it, please review it in the comments section below.

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